On our Detective-Trails you get to know different cities and regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in a creative and playful way. On our puzzle tours you will learn a lot of interesting and surprising things about the respective city or region. Each Detective-Trail starts at a certain starting point, for example a train station, where you have to solve the first puzzle. From there, you follow the route descriptions and pictures to the following puzzles.

A puzzle tour consists of 10 to 15 puzzle items. All questions can be solved by hints on the spot. Once you have solved all the puzzles, you have to calculate the four-digit solution code.

Detective-Trail Variations

There are three different Detective-Trail variants:
Detective-Trail with voucher, with treasure chest or with subsequent shipping.


Level of difficulty

The Detective-Trails are designed for children and adults – with support the trails can be solved from about 7 years of age. Alone, the questions can be solved from about 14 years of age. The degree of difficulty (easy, medium, difficult) is different for each trail and is indicated in the product overview. The detective trails are ideal for families, clubs, couples, schools and company outings.

Prices and advance booking

The Detective-Trails are played without a fixed appointment. Please note, however, the opening hours of the destination given in the description and on the treasure map or app. The participation in a Detective-Trail costs 7 Euro per person. The family ticket costs 20 Euro and is valid for 2 adults and 3 children.

App or print version

The Detective-Trail is available as an app or as a print version. So you can choose if you prefer to do the puzzle in the app or on paper.


You would like to have your own Detective-Trail?

Do you want to attract additional tourists to your destination and/or offer an additional (paid) experience to existing guests? Contact us: info@detektiv-trails.de